Recent studies of Lab2 researchers (2023~)
These are recent, relevant studies of Lab^2-affiliated researchers who did not necessarily receive financial, technical, organizational, or any other support from Lab2.
Is economics self-correcting? Replications in the American Economic Review
Economic Inquiry.
Ankel-Peters, J.Fiala, N.Neubauer, F.
Meta-analysis of empirical estimates of loss-aversion
Journal of Economic Literature.
Brown, A. L.Imai, T.Vieider, F. M.Camerer, C. F.
Selective reporting of placebo tests in top economics journals
Economic Inquiry.
Dreber, A.Johannesson, M.Yang, Y.
Does cognitive reflection relate to economic preferences and socio-economic outcomes?
Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics.
Fossen, F. M.Neyse, L.Schröder, C.
Non-standard errors
Journal of Finance.
Menkveld, A. J.Dreber, A.Holzmeister, F.Huber, J.Johanneson, M.Kirchler, M.Razen, M.Weitzel, U.Abad, D.Abudy, M.Adrian, T.Ait-Sahalia, Y.Akmansoy, O.Alcock, J.Alexeev, V.Aloosh, A.Amato, L.Amaya, D.Angel, J. J....Wu, Z.
Computational reproducibility in finance: Evidence from 1,000 tests
Review of Financial Studies.
Pérignon, C.Akmansoy, O.Hurlin, C.Dreber, A.Holzmeister, F.Huber, J.Johanneson, M.Kirchler, M.Menkveld, A. J.Razen, M.Weitzel, U.
Promoting reproducibility and replicability in political science
Research & Politics.11(1).
Brodeur, A.Esterling, K.Ankel-Peters, J.Bueno, N. S.Desposato, S.Dreber, A.Genovese, F.Green, D. P.Hepplewhite, M.Hoces de la Guardia, F.Johannesson, M.Kotsadam, A.Miguel, E.Velez, Y. R.Young, L.
Changes in social norms during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic across 43 countries
Nature Communications.5, Article 1436.
Andrighetto, G.Szekely, A.Guido, A.Gelfand, M.Abernathy, J.Arikan, G.Aycan, Z.Bankar, S.Barrera, D.Basnight-Brown, D.Belaus, A.Berezina, E.Blumen, S.Boski, P.Bui, H. T. T.Cárdenas, J. C.Čekrlija, Barra, Zoysa, P....Fiedler, S....Eriksson, K.
Anger and disgust shape judgments of social sanctions across cultures, especially in high individual autonomy societies
Scientific Reports.14, Article 5591.
Andersson, P. A.Vartanova, I.Västfjäll, D.Tinghög, G.Strimling, P.Wu, J.Hazin, I.Akotia, C. S.Aldashev, A.Andrighetto, G.Anum, A.Arikan, G.Bagherian, F.Barrera, D.Basnight-Brown, D.Batkeyev, B.Berezina, E.Björnstjerna, M....Fiedler, S....Eriksson, K.
Quality research needs good working conditions
Nature Human Behaviour.7(2), 164-167.
Rahal, R. M.Fiedler, S.Adetula, A.Berntsson, R. P.-A.Dirnagl, U.Feld, G. B.Fiebach, C. J.Himi, S. A.Horner, A. J.Lonsdorf, T. B.Schönbrodt, F.Silan, M. A. A.Wenzler, M.Azevedo, F.
Cognitive reflection and 2D:4D: Evidence from a large population sample
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.209, 288-307.
Neyse, L.Fossen, F. M.Johanneson, M.Dreber, A.
Competition and moral behavior: A meta-analysis of forty-five crowd-sourced experimental designs
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.120(23), Article e2215572120.
Huber, C.Dreber, A.Huber, J.Johannesson, M.Kirchler, M.Weitzel, U.Abellán, M.Adayeva, X.Ay, F. C.Barron, K.Berry, Z.Bönte, W.Brütt, K. Bulutay, M.Campos-Mercade, P. Cardella, E.Claassen, M. A.Cornelissen, G.Dawson, I. G. J.Delnoij, J.Demiral, E. E.Dimant, E.Doerflinger, J. T.Dold, M....Neyse, L....Fiedler, S....Holzmeister, F.
Changes in risk attitudes vary across domains throughout the life course
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.212, 534-563.
Murray, N.Neyse, L.Schröder, C.
Do economists replicate?
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.212, 219–232.
Ankel-Peters, J.Fiala, N.Neubauer, F
On the trajectory of discrimination: A meta-analysis and forecasting survey capturing 44 years of field experiments on gender and hiring decisions
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.179, Article 104280.
Schaerer, M.du Plessis, C.Nguyen, M. H. B.van Aert, R. C.M.Tiokhin, L.Lakens, D.Clemente, E. G.Pfeiffer, T.Dreber, A.Johannesson, M.Clark, C. J.Gender Audits Forecasting CollaborationUhlmann, E. L.
Eleven strategies for making reproducible research and open science training the norm at research institutions
eLife.12, Article e89736.
Kohrs, F. E.Auer, S.Bannach-Brown, A.Fiedler, S.Haven, T. L.Heise, V.Holman, C.Azevedo, F.Bernard, R.Bleier, A.Bössel, N.Cahill, B. P.Castro, L. J.Ehrenhofer, A.Eichel, K.Frank, M.Frick, C.Friese, M.Gärtner, A....Weissgerber, T. L.
Reproducibility in Management Science
Management Science.70(3), 1343-1356.
Fišar, M.Greiner, B.Huber, C.Katok, E.Ozkes, A. I.Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration