Ongoing efforts

ESA meetings 2023 cohort study

How are projects developed and what will they become?
We developed a survey to ask presenters at various ESA meetings about the different life stages of their project.
With this data, we will provide a snapshot of the current projects developed by experimental economists and follow them over time to understand current barriers to development and determinants of success. Thanks a lot to all respondents at the ESA meetings in Lyon and Exeter who agreed to share information!

ESA survey on pre-registration and pre-analysis plans

How common is the use of pre-registration and pre-analysis plans in experimental economics? What are the attitudes of researchers towards this practice and what explains any heterogeneity in views? We surveyed the ESA community in June 2023 on these matters. Manuscript under preparation. Stay tuned :)

Behavioural Science Uncovered podcast

Is there a project that you worked on or have been working on that you think has an interesting story? If you are interested in sharing the story behind one of your recent research projects, please contact us and we will turn it into a podcast episode to share with the community. To listen to existing episodes, click here: