Our mission and activities

Incubator for Collaborative and Transparent Economic Sciences, or shortly Lab2, is a hub for replicability and meta-science.

We aim to increase the credibility of scientific results in economics and support the field in running collaborative research through best scientific practices.

We work on research, education, and knowledge transfer for these purposes. We conduct these activities with an extensive network of researchers, laboratories, research groups, and cooperation partners.


Replicability and Heterogeneity

We organize and support the research community in conducting different types of replication and crowd-science studies, such as direct replications, conceptual replications, meta-analyses, many-designs, many-analysts, or many-labs studies.

Meta-science and Scientific Practices

We investigate how researchers, experimental labs, and research groups conduct science in economics. By identifying variations in scientific practices, we contribute to developing common scientific norms and standard guidelines for transparent and replicable science. We further test the effectiveness and the role of transparency tools such as PAPs on scientific practices and evaluation.

Education and support

We create, assemble, and disseminate educational materials on replicability, reproducibility, meta-science, crowd-science, open science, publication methods, and beyond.

Knowledge Transfer

We organize and support the research community to conduct special issues and events such as seminars, seminar series, workshops, conferences, and courses. We also benefit from other media like podcasts, videos, and mobile apps. We frequently exchange knowledge with journals, publishers, scientific associations, and funders.