Our mission


Lab2 is a lab for experimentation in science that aims to carefully document the research process and learn how to improve it.

Its main mission is to reduce inefficiencies of production and inequalities of access to information by centralizing existing knowledge and producing new evidence via coordinated efforts.

Our core research team spans multiple institutions. If interested in working with us, please reach out by going to the Contact us page :)

Here is how you can help:

Contribute metadata

Inform the research community about past projects you conducted:

  • The background behind your published work
  • New insights from unpublished work
  • Any “building blocks” of your research projects
    e.g., Funding proposals, Drafts of instructions, Experimental software or statistical code, Data from focus groups or pilots, Pre-registration documents, Presentation slides, Manuscript drafts, etc.

Share your views

Tell the story behind your projects via surveys or interviews.
Help the development of future studies by:

  • making predictions on what you think might work
  • providing direct feedback on current research ideas

Join large studies

  • Participate in systematic replications (e.g. Camerer et al., 2016, 2018) to assess what results are robust
  • Take part in multi-design or analyst studies (e.g. Huber et al., 2023) to understand the importance of different research decisions
  • Join randomized trials to measure the causal impact of various research practices and procedures (e.g. impact of pre-registration on research quality)